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WannaCry Ransomware -
Latest Hack Explained and Prevention Tips

Crypto / Ransomware / Wanna / Phishing

Most networks run into

  • Encryption of files and demands for ransom.
  • Hi-jacking of internet browser and changing settings.
  • Phishing e-mails becoming much more sophisticated.
  • Slowness of pc’s caused by all the malware that gets downloaded.

The issue with traditional approach to protect networks is that most companies have a firewall that is a black box that is not updated, monitored or regularly managed.

Firewall, antivirus and other tools are security islands. They have some information, but they do not have any way to share it and hence a comprehensive overall security is not achieved.

With Sophos Synchronized security we provide one platform, that provides you with Firewall, Antivirus, Ransomware protection and more that is managed form one location, these tools communicate with each other. For example an pc that is infected is not allowed on internet by the firewall.

Intercept-X ransomware tool, blocks Crypto Guard in it’s tracks as the attack starts and reverts the infected files.

Phishing attacks:

In the last year there’s been a meteoric rise in phishing attacks, resulting in US$3.1 billion in losses in 2016 alone.

Hackers are now getting the sort of results marketing professionals could only dream of, with people six times more likely to click on a phishing email than a genuine one.

With our Sophos tools we provide user education, by running a Phishing campaign and educating the users who end up clicking the link. User awareness is part of the protection and users need to be constantly trained and reminded about it.

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