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Security Services

Security Services

Stay Secured; Stay Strong

Cybercrimes do not discriminate between company sizes as their intentions are clear – to harm a business’ IT infrastructure. They might be spying on your computers even now! So, beware as your important data can anytime be hacked. Organizations need to be extra-careful as such threats can cause large monetary repercussions. Will businesses stop growing with the fear of losing all what they have? Absolutely NOT. There is a solution that strengthens an establishment from being spied on and ripped off by strangers.

A well-planned IT Security strategy shelters businesses while they expand their boundaries. Various aspects of a business need protection. Net Activity, Inc. provides a complete IT protection with a strategized and well-implemented IT security service for your organization.


Email Security

No server attacks and spam to overburden your email servers. We keep an eye on worms, viruses, malware, phishing scams, ransomware and fraudulent emails attacking your mail boxes.


Vulnerability Assessments

We assess your business’s vulnerabilities to identify areas of improvement. Performing a number of tested security assessments such as vulnerability scanning and penetration tests, we ensure that you fill in gaps that may pose your company to IT risks.



Our proven antivirus solutions and cyber security services ensure an overall protection to your organization from intruders. We constantly monitor your IT systems for any unnatural attack or suspicious activity.


IT Compliance

Net Activity, Inc. gets you covered by all the legislative protections and ensures that you comply with HIPAA, FERPA, HITECH or vISO, whatever is required by your industry.


24x7 Security Services

Our dedicated team of technical experts assures that your business stays protected always.

Your security is our responsibility

Case Studies


Midwest IT Services Organization Broadens Its Security Portfolio with Sophos Solutions

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