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Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Management & Support

Disasters can happen anytime, anywhere! You always need to have a PLAN…

Every business must be equipped with a well-managed data backup and recovery system to reduce downtime issues due to hardware failure, hacking of software systems, natural disaster, or human error. Any of these could happen any time and create a chaotic work environment as it would result in many hours of irrecoverable downtime loss and painful recovery process.

Net Activity understands the value of your business data and provides a data protection plan for your business. Our total data care solution equips all your worries and chalks out thoughtful strategies to save your business operations.


Automated Cloud Backups

to ensure everything is duplicated in real time and can be recovered without delay i.e. in less than 15 minutes


Dedicated 24x7 monitoring

of servers to detect any inconsistency in its initial stage to reduce the amount of loss


Disaster Management Planning

to prepare owners and employees in case of a disaster


Advanced Virus & Malware Protection

with detailed analysis reports


Easily Accessible Data

from anywhere at anytime


An Integrated All-In-One Solution

for backup, data retention, and disaster recovery


Push Button Recovery

that eliminates the need of hand-written recovery plans

Net Activity's disaster management services are designed for mid-sized as well as large enterprises worldwide and provide a complete solution for companies who have minimum tolerance for downtime, data loss, or risk mitigation.

Disaster attack?

No matter what your data remains & business will go on…

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