What Is The Private Use Of Your Internet Pipe Costing You?

Internet Pipe Costing

Employees spend more than half a day’s time at their workplaces and consequently struggle to find time to pursue their own interests. Here, our major discussion is based on the use of office internet lines for personal use. At their desks, employees apparently consider the computer systems as their individual property and naturally, use the internet lines too.

However, with the surprising survey results after monitoring the network usage of employees at work, business owners realized the necessity to keep a watch on the online activity of its staff. Creating an internet policy for controlling the net activity of employees often invites resistance. But here is why you need to have an internet security policy:

Loss of productive time

– When an employee spends his office time for personal tasks, your business loses on many of the productive hours collectively. This doesn’t mean that employers must expect the staff to work every single minute, but definitely misuse of considerable productive hours must not be acceptable.

Virus attacks

– Surfing the internet for unauthenticated websites may make them prone to virus and malware attacks. This may cause serious problems if certain important files get corrupted. It would cost a huge loss of data which might also be irrecoverable at times.

Hackers’ trap

– The internet’s vulnerability to hacker’s intelligence can destroy your complete business if not secured properly. Hackers are constantly watching your business and jump in as soon as they find an entry that is missed to be secured by you.

Of course, there is no permanent solution to saving personal intervention while performing online official tasks. However, implementing the acceptable internet use policy strategically and thoughtfully can lead you nearer to the safe zone. Company internet usage policy is meant to monitor the acceptable use of internet while at work and is a measure to minimize loss of productivity as well as data.

Staying alert and proactive is often a better solution. Net Activity, Inc. offers internet network security solutions, web filtering, content management, daily/weekly reports on usage. Net Activity also provides comprehensive proactive maintenance program that covers 24x7x365 server monitoring, Spyware detection and removal, Spam and Antivirus Management, backup management, online asset and vendor management, patch and service pack management, and service pack installation along with unlimited telephone support to our Support Desk. You can fetch more details here: For further discussions, please contact Harry Bhatia at 2165035150 X 206.

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