Why You Should Use VoIP Business Phone Services?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is designed to foster an easier, less expensive, scalable, and more convenient voice communication medium so that businesses can experience a whole new world and get to experiment further with their communication systems. Business operations require smooth, cost-efficient, and uninterrupted call processes so that productivity does not get hampered. Let…

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Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats - Cyber Attack Prevention Tips

Cyber threats have been and will be doing a great harm to mankind in this world of digitalization. As a matter of fact, cyber hackers are here to stay and destroying is their job; the only difference is that they have become more sophisticated. IT departments are focused on preventing cyber-attacks and it’s their main…

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What is New in Microsoft Azure Web Application Firewall?

Microsoft recently made its new Web Application Firewall available for customers. Initially, they announced the centralized WAF service that protected the applications running in the Azure public cloud environment from attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks. According to Yousef Khalidi, Microsoft corporate vice president for Azure Networking, it is difficult to prevent…

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Why Cyber Security Should Be Your No. 1 Business Priority for 2017?

A significant number of CEOs along with their executives and managers have reported that their technology budget will see a considerable increase in 2017 – a recent survey report from Mondo read. According to one of the Business Insider’s reports, it is estimated that nearly $655 billion will be spent on cyber-security initiatives for protecting…

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Why Businesses are Moving their Servers to the Cloud?

  Virtualization has impacted businesses a lot and cloud servers are changing the data storage aspects. With the emergence of cloud servers, there is no upgrading of hard drives, no external storage devices, and no emptying the recycle bin. Cloud servers have been a wise investment for start-ups as well as established corporations to manage…

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