Hosted VOIP vs. IP PBX: Which is Better for Your Business?

  Pertaining to the confusing nature of the many technological terms of the industry, it gets difficult to convince clients on the utility of one over the other. Recently, with more people moving forward to adopting VoIP, the small and medium enterprises are still unable to make the decision. While VoIP (Voice over the Internet…

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Why is Virtualization a Key Technology in Cloud Computing Environments?

Virtualization, as the word explains, is a separation of the physical infrastructures to create various dedicated resources. The term is often seen coupled with cloud computing and you always wonder – Why is it so important? Here comes the answer – Saying it straight and clear, without virtualization, cloud computing would leave the data unstable,…

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Expert Advice – Hiring vs. Outsourcing Managed IT Support Services

Having to decide whether to appoint in-house IT technicians or to outsource to professional IT Service Company is the most difficult situation for businesses. Although, many of them are tempted to hire an in-house technician or a team of engineers to manage their IT infrastructure, the pitfalls can’t be ignored. This definitely doesn’t mean that…

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How to Choose the Best IT Tech Support Services for Business?

Tech support services are very important in the decision to purchase from one supplier over another. In the most basic terms, nothing is more frustrating and irritating than a computer or network system that doesn’t work. Network downtimes exaggerate overhead costs and leads to loss of productivity, customer satisfaction and revenues. So, deciding on which…

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Why Small & Medium Businesses Need VoIP Services

A strong communication system builds the base to large establishments. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology emerges as the most reliable and easiest sources of ensuring voice connections for the heavy use of businesses. No matter your services are unmatched, but if you are not communicating well, it doesn’t hold any worth. VoIP enables…

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