Got Cloud Voice? Don’t Let Your Competitor Beat You to It

  Explains the Power of Productivity and Profitability from Cloud Voice It’s no secret that the business world isn’t what it used to be. Simply put, the old age of operating within the normal hours of 8-5pm is an outdated paradigm. The traditional workforce is no longer the norm and remote work forces continue to…

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Only 10% of Hospitals & Clinics Keep Their Patients’ Data Safe

  Startling Findings and Educates Healthcare Providers on Solutions This is a startling fact that has many people questioning the data security practices of hospitals and clinics everywhere. According to privacy researchers at the Ponemon Institute, “Recent numbers show 90% of health care organizations have exposed their patients’ data — or had it stolen —…

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How to Calculate ROI on Cloud Computing (the “Cloud”) ?

Calculating Cloud ROI Even an inexperienced manager has been faced with calculating the value of spending a dollar.  You could be faced with staying within a budget, justifying a purchase or trying to estimate the value, or return, of an investment in your company (“ROI”).  However, the task of calculating ROI on moving all or…

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Eight Reasons Why Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Need Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is rapidly becoming one of the hottest solutions in business today because it dramatically improves an organization’s profitability, frees up internal resources, and offers a unique competitive advantage.   Simply put, managed IT services are designed to assist companies in maintaining and supporting their network and IT infrastructure with the assistance of an…

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What Does Cloud Computing Cost?

  Cloud Cost for Small Business   What is Cloud? Cloud Computing is a method of delivering your applications, data, e-mail and other pieces of your network from a secure off-premise data center. With the advances in technology over the last decade and the speed/ availability of the internet, applications running on servers in a…

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