Expert Advice – Hiring vs. Outsourcing Managed IT Support Services

Having to decide whether to appoint in-house IT technicians or to outsource to professional IT Service Company is the most difficult situation for businesses. Although, many of them are tempted to hire an in-house technician or a team of engineers to manage their IT infrastructure, the pitfalls can’t be ignored.

This definitely doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t hire a professional to take care of everyday network administration remote IT support services. The focus is about who serves better and what costs better – the latter question interests more, isn’t it? Definitely, it does. While analyzing the situation impartially, outsourcing to an IT Managed Service Provider weighs on the heavier side and here are clarifications to convince you:

You get permanent benefits – Unlike staffing, outsourcing your IT support services serves you with long-term benefits. Imagine the situation when your IT professionals leave you and you have to hire a new one. This would mean re-engaging resources, time and money for the training purpose. Instead, the managed service providers (MSPs) serve you as a team and don’t even bother you with any change of personnel.

You save tremendously – When you staff an internal resource for maintaining remote IT services, you need to ensure a fixed amount for hourly or monthly salary, a dedicated system and other aligned resources. This may seem to be little expenditure initially. However, the bigger picture shows a different scenario. You are bound to invest a set amount periodically whether or not a problem occurs. With MSPs, you have the flexibility to pay as per number for of pc and server supported. The good news is you can scale without creating your own support infrastructure.

You recover network failures sooner – A single IT engineer fails to attend multiple issues at a time and your work may come to a halt for a while incurring huge losses to your business. By outsourcing IT support for your business, you ensure a quick assistance and faster recovery from system failures as the MSP would rush in and look into the problem with multiple technical heads brainstorming and troubleshooting the real point of error; furthermore with multiple clients MSPs have the advantage of having seen the issue before at another location.

You have an updated technology – You definitely don’t wish to drag an obsolete technology and expect glorifying results. Managed IT service providers introduce you to the latest technological upgrades and ensure that you maintain your systems accordingly to prevent irreparable consequences.

It’s never too late. If you haven’t outsourced your IT support services yet, you can discuss in your network and find out the most reliable managed IT support service provider in Ohio. Or you can choose to test the services of Net Activity, Inc. – a leading provider of network security services in Cleveland and Akron (refer: for an uninterrupted workflow at reduced expenses.  You can reach to us at 888 545 5346, 216 503 5150 ext 206. Email:

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