Cloud Computing Security Risks: 5 Steps to Ensure Success

IT decision makers are under great pressure with the increasing reliability of businesses on IT infrastructure. Almost 80% of the businesses operate and rely on the virtual network (cloud platform) and this is why the cloud computing storage providers are on their toes always.

Cloud data synchronization allows organizations to deliver instant services to clients as well as employees while cutting down costs and minimizing complexity. Moreover, the cloud serves as an extremely flexible platform to grow or shrink capacity as needed. So, it is like no one has left it untouched. Cloud service participates in every domain and affects every business. But is your data safe with cloud? – This definitely is a major concern.

Don’t worry. Interestingly, cloud computing security risks are manageable. With availing cloud services, you actually expose your precious data to a virtual world. Doing this may be risky if not controlled at the initial stages. Here are 5 important steps to keep your business data safe with enjoying the benefits of cloud:

Define problems proactively: Before deciding to avail the cloud services, it is advisable to define your objectives clearly. Making a list of compliance and security preferences would serve the purpose better and reduce risks to the maximum.

Prioritize vulnerability testing: This should be the foremost thing you must do. Under vulnerability testing, your system undergoes a rigorous test which will help to prevent future mishaps to your data and you will be capable of implementing proactive security controls.

Authorize access to selective personnel: Who accesses and controls your data is very crucial. Establishing access controls minimizes risks and limits the possibility of breach.

Select wisely between public/private/hybrid cloud services: Your analysis of which cloud computing solutions possesses the potential to cater to your business’ requirements must be full-proof considering all ifs and buts. The three have their own benefits. However, you, as a business owner, must interpret all the possible circumstances before making the selection.

Prefer a sequential and planned migration to the cloud: A planned approach greatly helps to gain trust and understand the loopholes of any system. If you are struggling to move your data to the cloud due to the associated risks, a better way is to start sequentially. Initially you can use cloud services for non-critical applications, slowly bringing in critical applications to the platform.

With this brief understanding of critical components of cloud storage and cloud computing security risks, you have a pre-defined check list to follow before finalizing which cloud storage is best for you. If you wish to have any further assistance regarding the service, it is important to get in touch with experts. Net Activity, Inc. is offers cloud services in Cleveland and Akron and has teamed up the best in industry professionals to make up a reliable and friendly cloud computing solutions provider in Ohio. Visit to know more about us or contact us at (216)503-6579 and we will be happy to assist you.

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