9 Office 365 Features That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

Out of the hundreds of Office 365 features and tools available to you, you’re probably using only 10-15% of them. This could be due to a lack of training or an unfamiliarity with some of the advanced options available in Word and Excel. But it’s easy to optimize your Office 365 investment by learning more…

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Why Microsoft Azure Is Rated as The Most Popular Cloud Computing Service?

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud based application platform that is designed for hosting, managing and developing applications off-site. The several components of Microsoft Azure are SQL Azure, cloud operating system and .NET services. The cloud service runs on computers that are located in Microsoft data centers. Here are 7 reasons why most organizations consider using…

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Hybrid Cloud - Definition, Benefits, & Limitations

Though cloud computing is not a new concept, it has its own set of complexities and people often try to overlook them ending up in choosing a cloud server that does not suit their specific business purpose. Since hybrid cloud is still a mystery for many, here is a brief understanding of what hybrid cloud…

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Why Choose Hybrid Cloud over The Public & Private Clouds?

For several years now, enterprises have been concentrating on cloud computing solutions but there is a small group that is extremely security conscious and therefore hesitates to move their workloads and precious data into the cloud. Hybrid cloud model comes to the rescue of such a class of organizations that offers a combination of private…

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Cloud Computing for Healthcare Industry - How Hospitals Can Use the Cloud?

The Healthcare industry moves at a slow pace when it comes to adopting technological changes and most of the organizations prefer to have paper records, film based images, duplicate tests, handwritten notes, and relies on outdated technology for communications. However, as other industries have flourished and improvised their culture by adapting to the cloud platform,…

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