Top 5 Managed IT Security Services Issues: Support Solution By Net Activity

While you know the importance of managed IT services in today’s technologically virtual world, there is one more thing you need to focus on – addressing IT security issues. MSSPs provide you with managed IT support services where you need to enquire further about security solutions they offer. You definitely cannot monitor your IT network…

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Know the Difference Between Cloud Scalability and Elasticity

Among the various notions about cloud computing, the most disputed one expert are discussing on is – “What matters in Cloud Computing: scalability or elasticity?” Often, both the terms are interchangeably used which leads to all that confusion. Interestingly, there is a thin but important line of difference in the two features. To simply state, scalability…

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How to Build a VOIP Network – The Prerequisites

Building a VoIP network isn’t a cake walk; it’s not too difficult either! If you are planning to deploy a VoIP or Hosted PBX service locally at your office, there are a few considerations to be addressed before proceeding. Hosted PBX VoIP providers suggest going through the following check list before building a VoIP network.…

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Cloud Computing Security Risks: 5 Steps to Ensure Success

IT decision makers are under great pressure with the increasing reliability of businesses on IT infrastructure. Almost 80% of the businesses operate and rely on the virtual network (cloud platform) and this is why the cloud computing storage providers are on their toes always. Cloud data synchronization allows organizations to deliver instant services to clients…

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Hosted VOIP vs. IP PBX: Which is Better for Your Business?

  Pertaining to the confusing nature of the many technological terms of the industry, it gets difficult to convince clients on the utility of one over the other. Recently, with more people moving forward to adopting VoIP, the small and medium enterprises are still unable to make the decision. While VoIP (Voice over the Internet…

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