Why A Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery & Backup Plan Are Important

The cloud space has been beneficial due to the overwhelming data of organizations and it has undoubtedly proven to be one of the greatest innovations of the century. The benefits it offers to the multitude of organizations across the world are mind-boggling. Businessmen and technological researchers are excited about the major changes and miracles it…

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Learn More about VoIP Architecture & Call Components

A lot has been written about the features and benefits of VoIP services. So, in this blog, we would concentrate on understanding the architecture and components of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. We would consider the major components along with their individual functional characteristics. The 4 major VoIP components include: Signaling Gateway Controller Media…

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Is Switching to a Third Party Hardware Maintenance Provider a Good Idea?

IT managers usually face the fiscal pressure of reducing costs while improving operational efficiency. One of the major costs involves repairing and replacing system hardware components. Strategies that help in extending legacy hardware life cycles are gaining popularity. They allow organizations to continue using the hardware for a longer duration and thereby minimize the cost…

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Why Your IT Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

We often hear in the news costly business disasters due to infected IT and mostly the losses are too big to overcome. Most of the time the IT disaster is harmful to an extent that data cannot be recovered and so, it is very important to have a disaster recovery plan. Although planning for the…

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US Government's Revelations Against North Korea Cyber Attacks

Recently, the FBI and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued alerts to warn people of two types of malicious software or malware that the North Korean hackers are using to attack telecom, media, aviation, and finance industries. One of the malwares is known as FALLCHILL and has been in use since 2016. It facilitates…

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